Thursday, July 21, 2005

Delhi Life Beyond Imagination - Secure place or Rape capital

I Never thought I will have to blog about this in my entire life time,
As an Avg(Indian) I thought living in india is a pleasure, and comfortable.
But when I saw news New Link

Should we be mute and Dumb at these random serial events happening in Delhi ?
Should we accept it as "The truth" and digest it without taking any action ?
Dont you people think its really worse than killings in Kashmir or any where ?

This is the same city where high secure, politicians go around the city in bullet proof cars.

I seriously feel its a shame, shame for the young and dynamic youth, doing nothing strong against those culprits. Including my self doing nothing but blogging sitting in a comfortable chair in one corner of Bangalore.

Can We really change the system ? I want to see the action, Action against each individual, Not like a symptom cure but causetive one which can prevent these events from happening in future.

Giving More security to our sisters in Indian Capital (With No 4 letter word b4)

Start Movements for the right reason and Pull the security off the politicians and give kids the right to move freely and fearlessly.

Sadly with Anger,
Frustrated Me